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Tree Care Services

At Djouce Tree Care Services we are specialists in all aspects of tree surgery and have worked on projects of all sizes and specifications. We are a highly experienced team and guarantee a professional and reliable service.

Our quick and efficient service never compromises on quality. We use the very latest industry techniques and equipment to ensure the perfect end result. Djouce Tree Care bring the same care and attention to detail to every project we undertake, from crown thinning and hedge cutting to landscaping or tree felling.

Tree Selection

Selecting a tree or trees is a task that requires careful consideration. There are many elements to take into account such as leaf form, bark texture, and seasonal colour. Djouce Tree Care Services can assist you with selection, advise upon the suitability of species for soil conditions and location, and supply and plant trees of all sizes based on your requirements.

Tree Planting

Djouce Tree Care has decades of experience in the design and implementation of planting schemes and landscaping. We offer a comprehensive service for only one specimen tree or a whole woodland or shelterbelt. From gardens and green spaces to forests and parks, we are experts in tree planting.

Tree Replacement

Djouce Tree Care ensures the effective and safe removal and replacement of any unhealthy young or semi-mature trees. We can supply the replacement trees, plant, stake and tie them. Removed trees are recycled or can be turned into firewood for our clients.

Tree Surgery

To ensure the continued health and growth of your trees, we provide several services including:

  • Crown Raising

  • Crown Reductions

  • Crown Thinning

  • Dead Wooding

  • Tree Cable Bracing and Reshaping

Stump Grinding and Chipping

Not only are tree stumps an eyesore, but they are also a potential trip hazard especially in public spaces. Any unsightly or dangerous stumps can be easily ground down and removed. All debris taken from the site will be recycled.

Hedge Cutting

Our team are specialists in hedge cutting and trimming. Whatever the height or location of your hedge we ensure an efferent and fast service. All debris is removed and recycled and your garden or park is left neat and fresh.

Dangerous Tree Removal

All aspects of dangerous trees can be felled by our fully insured team using the most up to date equipment. We can also fell unhealthy or damaged trees. Before removing a tree, we conduct a thorough examination to see if the tree can be saved with care and maintenance.

Debris Removal

At Djouce Tree Care we are committed to the protection of the environment. We ensure that all materials and debris are removed safely from the site and recycled, whatever the size of the project. We can also tune felled trees or removed branches into wood chippings or firewood for our clients.

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