Emergency Service

Call Djouce Tree Care Services for 24/7 Emergency Service

Emergency Service

Djouce Tree Care Services provides all clients with a fast and effective 24 Hour Emergency Service. We respond to all emergencies as quickly as possible, minimising any risks to the safety of the public or the safety of your loved ones.

Adverse weather conditions and storms can make previously steady trees unstable and dangerous. Sensitive or overgrown branches are also at risk at being blown over or collapsing under the weight of a heavy snowfall. Loose branches and dangerous trees can cause significant damage to people and properties and it is of the utmost importance to have these issuers addressed as quickly as possible. Fallen trees are also a massive safety risk. They can block roads and paths and may even cause damage to properties.

Our emergency service removes problems before they cause an accident. We are also available after any damage has been caused to quickly remove the organic waste to prevent any further damage or safety risks from occurring. Organic waste can quickly accumulate in an open-air space during a storm or adverse weather conditions. This organic waste can block vehicles or entrances to properties. Loose organic waste like branches can also damage buildings and vehicles, and glass is particularly vulnerable to being damaged or smashed.

If one of your tress fall unexpectedly or poses a danger in anyway then call Djouce Tree Care Services immediately